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Guiding Hands Services
Guiding Hands was founded in 1992, making us one of the oldest adolescent transport companies in the industry. Since that time we have grown into a company with representation across the United States as well as a tight network in 44 different countries. Our services have been sought across America, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, American Samoa, Puerto Rico and Saudi Arabia.

Guiding Hands specializes in adolescent transports, interventions, holdings and locating. We have worked with and are referred by hundreds of programs, treatment centers, hospitals, outdoor programs, specialty schools and non-profit organizations including the Clint Eastwood Center, The Polly Klaas Foundation and The Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

TRANSPORTATION - Guiding Hands offers the most secure transport for your teen. Transports include worldwide services for any occasion. Guiding Hands has provided transportation services by vehicle, bus, commercial airline, private plane, passenger train, and boat.

HOLDINGS - Situations arise where the family may need their teen held for a limited time before being placed such as….

- Hospitals / programs discharge date does not coincide with the receiving hospitals / programs acceptance date.

- Parents need time to select a program, submit the proper paper work and receive an acceptance date after their missing / runaway teen has been located.

- A teen has become irrational and must be immediately removed from the home prior to the family having alternative placement plans in place.

Guiding Hands provides “holdings” in a secure location, with all the teen’s needs provided, that allows the family time to concentrate on selecting a proper program without the stress and interference of dealing with an unruly teen, monitoring their whereabouts or their overall well being.

RECOVERY / LOCATING - Guiding Hands has located hundreds of teens and missing children both within the United States and abroad. We have worked with non-profit organizations such as The Center for Missing and Exploited Children, The Polly Klaas Foundation and The Adam Walsh Foundation. With our vast training, experience and network we have located wanted criminals, missing persons and abducted children. With each case we implement a recovery plan that minimizes expenses and maximizes chances for the recovery in the least amount of time possible.

PROTECTION - Since 9/11 and with the growing amount of abductions or crimes committed against children, many families have found comfort in hiring our protection detail to ensure their child’s well being during events ranging from foreign travel, field trips or other school outings, spring break and other absences away from home.

Our protection detail can be a small 1-2 person team to as many as necessary depending on the situation. Our detail is comprised of the very same individuals responsible for the safety of CEO’s, celebrities, politicians and royal / private families world wide.


REFERRALS - There are as many as 1700 hospitals, treatment centers, boarding schools, wilderness programs, boot camps and specialty schools nationwide. Guiding Hands has a referral list of programs we have come to know on a personal and intimate level. We have referred to, transported for and worked with some of these programs for as long as we have been in business and have seen an incredible amount of success through them.

Guiding Hands believes that if parents are going to invest so much time, emotion and money in their effort to place their teen, then they need to get the best chance of success with the programs they select. Guiding Hands refers these programs based on our experience with them and has never accepted or charged a kick back or referral fee for doing so.

transport companies,handicap transportation,treatment centers,hospitals,children,teenagers,Guiding Hands specializes in adolescent transports, interventions, holdings and locating, Guiding Hands was founded in 1992, making us one of the oldest adolescent transport companies in the industry.
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