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Guiding Hands Qualifications
What makes Guiding Hands so uniquely qualified?
STATE Certification and Training in the following fields…

Peace Officers Standards and Training: Levels 1, 2, 3.

Threat Assessment Management

Degrees / Certified in Psychology

Certified in Abnormal Psychology Studies

Trained in Juvenile Mental Illnesses

Trained in Juvenile Major Behavioral Issues

Trained in working with Violent Juvenile Offenders

Trained in Medication Recognition and Dispensing

Certified in Situational Awareness and Conflict Resolution

Trained in the Recognition of and Prevention of Suicidal Behaviors

Trained in the Recognition of Illicit Drugs

Trained in the Behavior Resulting and Relating to Drug Use

Trained in the Search and Seizure of Contrabands

Trained in Gang Recognition and Behavior

Trained in Interviewing Victims and Offenders

Trained in Teaching Consequence Awareness

Certified in Situational Awareness and Conflict Resolution

Trained in Verbal Judo

Trained in Conducting Thinking Errors Groups

Certified in Positive Control Systems

Certified in Appropriate Use of Force with Juveniles

Certified in Force Continuum with Juveniles

Certified in use of Hard and Soft Restraints

Certified in Defensive and Advanced Defensive Driving

Certified CPR, First Aid and Advanced First Aid

Trained in Fugitive Tracking and Locating

Trained in Undercover Surveillance

Licensed and Certified in Special Medical Needs - EMT

Parents can take comfort in knowing that the same professionalism, safety, and security Kipp provided for clients such as Fortune 500 CEOs, Royal Families, Professional Athletes and Celebrities (Like Oprah, seen in this still frame from a TV Special, with Kipp in the background) is always provided throughout their own teen's transport.
The majority of our employees received most, if not all, of the qualifications listed. Because our level of training and qualifications is so intense, Guiding Hands rejects nearly all of the applications and resumes we receive annually.

Our employees have backgrounds ranging from law enforcement, juvenile corrections, threat assessment, military, personal security and medical. Many of their additional training and certifications are not listed because they do not pertain to those we feel we need for adolescent transports. Statistically we may never need them but they are there if we do…

My son’s transport began in the early morning of 9/11. Although I watched in disbelief the horror happening on T.V., I can honestly say that I never once was concerned about my son’s safety. I did not know where he was, as the program was across the country, but I knew who he was with. In fact, I couldn’t think of anyone else I would rather have had him with if he couldn‘t be home with us. Even with all that was going on, when the rest of the world seemed to stop, Guiding Hands was able to contact me and let me know where they were and that my son was safe. Even more amazing was that they finished the transport that same day.” ~ Gary D.

It has never been the goal of Guiding Hands to be the biggest transport company, perform the most transports annually, or be the best known. It has only been our goal to provide the best service because that is what our clients deserve. Remaining a small company ensures that each transport receives a personal touch that is lost and a level of professionalism not found in bigger companies. We believe that bigger does not mean better. Better means better.

Of all the qualifications we require our employees to possess, we believe the most important ones are the ones not even mentioned on the list. You cannot receive a degree in them, you cannot get certified with them or even train for them. You either already have them or you don’t. We believe they are the backbone of our success because they are that important.

Care, compassion, understanding and kindness. We use each of these tools because that is who we are. And we integrate them all into every transport with a great sense of humor. At Guiding Hands we believe in making these transports fun. The situation your teen is in is serious, and it will get even more serious before it gets better, but for that moment between home and the program your teen will come to understand that if they can have that much fun with the people that are transporting them to a place against their will, then just maybe the program itself isn’t that bad after all.

Dear Kipp

I hope all is well with you man. I hope all of your escorts have been going smoothly. I wanted to write you guys to let you know that I did what you said. I did not cause any problems when I got back. I just went with the flow and accepted my consequences. I am still leaving my school in December to come home for good. I will go back to public school this year and graduate too. Thank you for being so considerate and making my trip back to this school I consider my jail/hell as easy as you possibly could for me. I hope I wasn’t to much of a problem. I tried to be as compliant as possible. I am sorry it took so long to write you guys. I have been very busy dealing with a lot of s***. I again thank you for being there for me on a day when I felt as if I had no one. I would love a letter from you guys. Please write back a.s.a.p. Would you either send a picture or a biz card or something for me? I will call you over Thanksgiving break. Take care. See ya soon. Thank you!!! Talk to you soon. God bless you guys.

Your Friend


The above letter was written by a teen that had come home for a visit and then refused to return to the program because he disliked it so much. Returning teens to programs they have already come to despise are the hardest types of transports to do. But even with his position on the program already established, we were able to make this kind of connection with him. This is what makes Guiding Hands so special.

Guiding Hands has always believed that the manner in which many adolescent transports are conducted today are damaging, abusive and unnecessary. It is MANDATORY with many companies that the adolescent be transported in restraints. No exceptions. Your child is not a criminal and we believe that we should go to any length to ensure they are not treated or made to feel as one.

Because of the wide variety of backgrounds our employees have, we believed that we could design, implement and perform adolescent transports in the most effective, efficient and safe manner not seen in the industry prior or since.

We take the precautions taken by the Dept. of Corrections when transporting inmates, blend it with the comfort of the VIP transports conducted by our ex-bodyguards and implement them with the security utilized by the military’s security transport teams.

In short, your teen is transported the same way and with the same precautions as any Fortune 500 CEO, Hollywood celebrity or other VIPs would be if utilizing public / commercial means.

We do transports this way because if we are going to establish a rapport with your child, if we are going to have any chance of getting them to open up to us and listen to reason, to understand why this is happening and to get them in a frame of mind of willingness to put their best foot forward, it is this way.

If you are going to invest in a transport, why not hire the best?

transport companies,handicap transportation,treatment centers,hospitals,children,teenagers,Guiding Hands specializes in adolescent transports, interventions, holdings and locating, Guiding Hands was founded in 1992, making us one of the oldest adolescent transport companies in the industry.
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