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Guiding Hands Price List
In the movie “Armageddon” starring Bruce Willis, there is a scene in which the character Rock Hound (played by actor Steve Buscemi) is among the other astronauts getting strapped into the space shuttle shortly before being blasted into outer space. As Rock Hound is being strapped into his seat, he looks over at the expeditions leader, Harry, (played by Bruce Willis) and says… “ Hey Harry, you know we’re sitting on four million pounds of fuel, one nuclear weapon and a thing that has two hundred and seventy thousand moving parts built by the lowest bidder. Makes you feel good doesn’t it?”

That is exactly how you as a parent need to look at your teens transport. Do you really want the safety and well being of your teen based solely on the lowest bidder?

As in most industries, the industry of juvenile transporters is made up of a wide range of costs to perform the same service. Pay too little and you might just get what you pay for and that could be inexperienced individuals who need to minimize their rates in order to get work.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are some companies that see this as a time in families lives to take advantage of them. Families can be very emotional about what is happening and the decisions they are making. They are uneducated on what a transport company would typically charge so they have no way to know if they are being overcharged.

At Guiding Hands we know this is one of the most opportune times for families to be taken advantage of by such companies. We caution families to call around and get price quotes. Then base their decision on who they feel is most qualified to transport their teen and within the high and low price quotes.

When my husband and I first thought about using a transport company my husband asked me to call some of them and get price quotes. Being the overprotective mother that I am I called as many transport companies as I could find. When I called Guiding Hands and spoke with Kipp I was really impressed with him. He answered all my questions and even the ones I didn’t ask but should have. He was very patient with me and really made me feel that the well being of my son was a top priority to him. He was very reassuring and confident in his abilities and the abilities of his employees. By the time our phone conversation ended I knew who was going to transport my son. Guiding Hands was not the cheapest quote but I told my husband that if we were going to send our son away either we used Guiding Hands, regardless of how much they charged, or he wasn’t going. The transport went better than we could have ever hoped for. Using Guiding Hands was one of the best decisions we made concerning getting our son help and we would do it again without hesitation. - Maxine T.

Many companies charge either an hourly rate or a flat fee. However, many families are shocked that after the transport is complete, they receive an additional bill for other expenses, or hidden costs. Even if they are charged hourly, they are dismayed to see that the hours logged are longer than estimated.

Guiding Hands believes that this is unfair to the families. Our rates are set as a flat rate. Many families are surprised that when considering our level of experience, training and knowledge, our rates are very reasonable and affordable. Our quote must be agreed upon by the parents and Guiding Hands prior to the transport. It is specified in the contract that there are no additional or hidden costs of any kind excluding an act of God. By doing this, families can adequately budget all of the expenses involved with getting their teen help without any surprises or set backs.

Because of our various locations, schedule, time of year, services to be provided, means of transport and other factors, Guiding Hands does not have a set price list. We quote each transport on an individual basis, with an emphasis on maximizing savings without minimizing service.

Guiding Hands has a $500.00 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit. This deposit IS NOT required but does secure a specific date needed for a transport. Due to the amount of transports we provide, transport requests for the same day are very common. Once a deposit has been made, that day is stricken from our available list. Those who have booked that day with the deposit have priority over those who did not place a deposit.

We book on a first come first serve basis based on who placed their deposit first.

This amount is subtracted from the amount of the transport and can be credited towards the transport should the date of the transport be changed for up to 6 months.

Please give us a call and let’s discuss your needs. We will be happy to work with you on a suitable quote.

transport companies,handicap transportation,treatment centers,hospitals,children,teenagers,Guiding Hands specializes in adolescent transports, interventions, holdings and locating, Guiding Hands was founded in 1992, making us one of the oldest adolescent transport companies in the industry.
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