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Guiding Hands Beware Of
So how does a family research companies they are considering to hire to transport their teen?

The best way to research a company is to call and speak with those who have used their services previously. Talk to them about their experience and any feedback they received from their teens. Anyone can make claims and fancy websites, but few can hide behind negative feedback from previous clients. Guiding Hands not only believes in this method but encourages families to do so. We believe that as parents work through this process it will become clear why Guiding Hands stands alone at the top of the industry.

Another way is to talk to the transport companies directly and ask them questions. Most transport companies will explain how they perform a transport as if the teen will be compliant. But how will they do it if the teen is not compliant? Ask them if they use restraints even if your teen is compliant? Ask them who “specifically” is coming to your home. What kind of background do they have? Will they keep in touch with you during the transport? Do you have a way to contact them if you want to?

It is said that good parents have intuition but great parents have radar. Your 6th sense will tell you if the company you are speaking with is right for your child.

If you take anything from this remember this: This is your child. You may feel pressured or forced to use a particular transport company. Use this as a warning sign and be suspicious. You can hire whomever you want even if the program or hospital did not refer them. You want to make the decision because in the end it is your responsibility and your child is trusting you to make the right choice.

Beware Of

In the early morning hours a young man was checked out of a northern California hospital by a transport team to be escorted to a program in Mexico his parents had enrolled him into. It wasn’t until the agents arrived at the border that they discovered they had the wrong boy.

A teenage boy jumped from a moving vehicle that the transporting agents failed to secure the locks on. He suffered massive life threatening injuries.

A transporting agent was caught and convicted in a prostitution sting for soliciting an undercover female police officer. He is still transporting teenage girls.

A teen got out of the car at a gas station while being transported and refused to get back in. The transporters were helpless in their ability to get him back into their car. The teen walked and hitchhiked from Arizona to California.

A state trooper cited the driver of a transport company for speeding in excess of 110 mph while transporting a teen.

A transport team was unable to get a teen to board a commercial flight. A struggle ensued and several innocent bystanders received minor injuries. The teen was arrested and the parents were faced with legal bills, possible lawsuits from the victims and other financial obligations exceeding their financial means.

A mother was shocked when two people she described as “mountain men”, dressed in military fatigues, unshaven and dirty were standing on her doorstep early one morning. They confirmed to her that they were from the transport company she hired to transport her daughter!

Guiding Hands knows of these stories first hand because we were called and informed of them and asked to correct and handle some of the cases during the aftermath.

We are not trying to sell you on a scare tactic. We are however trying to educate you so that you can be assured that whomever you decide to hire, you do so knowing that you have qualified professionals assisting you.

Parents need to understand that when selecting a transport company, they are in essence selecting from a complete group of strangers to transport their child. Most families assume that because a transport company was “referred” to them from the program or hospital, that they must be authentic. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Some transport companies are a division (off the record) of the program they transport for. Some are in business because the owner of the transport company is personally related to someone in the programs admissions department. And even more troublesome is that some of the transport companies offer “Kickbacks, finders fees or referral fees” to the programs that refer them.

Guiding Hands frowns on this type of activity. We believe parents should be allowed to choose from a complete list of companies so they can choose what is best for their child and not pressured or steered towards utilizing the services of a less qualified company because a “kickback” is being paid.

Most of the adolescent industry is unregulated. Especially that of the juvenile transport companies. There are NO rules, training, special licensing, regulations, criminal background clearances or any other requirements attached to transport companies. Anyone can do this.

Guiding Hands would love to tell you that these horror stories are non existent. But they are real because of the lack of licensing and professionalism required to operate as a transport company.

Transport companies spring up overnight because those operating them see this as an opportunity to take advantage of families financially during their emotional times.

Families are completely vulnerable because of their emotional state, their lack of knowledge of transport companies and the confusing and overwhelming process they find themselves faced with. Please take your time and be careful. Your teens future is relying on it.

Guiding Hands actually encourages families to do the transport themselves when possible. We never make a family feel compelled to utilize our services. But we do caution them not to overestimate their capabilities and/or underestimate the tactics their teen may resort to.

I was referred to Guiding Hands to help me with my son’s transport. I spoke with Kipp and explained to him that my husband and I really wanted to take our son to the program ourselves but were skeptical in our abilities. Kipp talked me through how we should go about doing it. What pitfalls to look out for, and what tactics my son would resort to to sabotage our trip. He then encouraged my husband and I to take a dry run so that when the time came to do it we would have some familiarity with what we were doing.

Kipp told us where to park at the airport, what time to get there, how to expedite getting our tickets and get through security faster. He told me what to do to keep my son occupied and how to calm him when we saw him getting upset.

The morning of our trip went exactly as we prepared for. My son tried everything Kipp said he would but we were prepared for it and handled it before it became an issue. I can honestly say that had we not talked to Kipp first we would have failed before even leaving the house.

It says a lot about a company when they put what is best for a family ahead of what is best for their company. It would not have taken much for Kipp to talk us out of our decision and instead hire Guiding Hands. It took him longer to work with us knowing there was nothing in it for him. Because of his time and support for us we feel that we were able to take the first step, which seems to be the hardest, together as a family and we are better for it. Even though we did not use Guiding Hands, we will always be grateful to them. Thank you. ~ Marcie M., San Diego, Ca.

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