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Guiding Hands About Us
Guiding Hands was founded in 1992, making us one of the oldest adolescent transport companies in the industry. Since that time we have grown into a company with representation across the United States as well as a tight network in 44 different countries. Our services have been sought across America, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, American Samoa, Puerto Rico and Saudi Arabia.

Guiding Hands specializes in adolescent transports, interventions, holdings and locating. We have worked with and are referred by hundreds of programs, treatment centers, hospitals, outdoor programs, specialty schools and non-profit organizations including the Clint Eastwood Center, The Polly Klaas Foundation and The Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

To date Guiding Hands has assisted over 12,000 families with issues concerning their troubled or at risk teens and have been solely responsible for the recovery of over 300 runaway, abducted or missing children. Our client list includes Fortune 500 CEO’s and Executives, celebrities, professional athletes, politicians, private families, school districts, law enforcement and correctional departments, hospitals, private schools and treatment centers and many others.

Guiding Hands employs only those considered to be the “ best in their field of expertise” and maintains a referral list of other top professional’s including educational consultants, psychologists, programs, specialty schools and attorneys.

Guiding Hands was the first adolescent transport company to achieve a Dunn & Bradstreet number, further legitimatizing us as a solid company and not a fly by night company that is only interested in taking advantage of families during their times of vulnerability.

Guiding Hands was approached by the State of California and asked to assist them by submitting a proposal for a program that addressed criminal behavior of teens throughout the state. Of the more than 100 submissions, Guiding Hand’s Insight program was one of only three programs selected for possible development. The Governor was so impressed with the proposal that he chose to visit only the Insight program in person and review it personally. Part of its program has been featured on the A&E Channel, News and Dr. Phil.

Additionally, Guiding Hands developed the IMPACT program, designed to assist young teenage girls with the different types and levels of assaults they are faced with today. The IMPACT program was originally designed and taught strictly to high profile female celebrities to assist them should they find themselves without the aid and security of a bodyguard.

Due to the success of IMPACT word quickly spread and the demand for the program grew. Female executives that traveled, flight attendants and real estate agents begged to be taught this form of self security.

Through our own personal work experience, Guiding Hands began to see a disturbing growth trend in young female victimization including sexual assaults, domestic violence, voyeurism and internet attacks. We reasoned that it would be better to save young girls from being victimized in the first place than to try to treat them afterwards.

The Guiding Hands team spent over a year redesigning the Impact program to meet the needs of the young girls today and empower them to live a productive life void of any assaults directed at them.

Guiding Hands takes great pride as being the leader in the adolescent transport industry. But we are also constantly working outside of the field of transporters with doctors, programs, treatment center, teachers and legal professionals who are trying to better the lives of our children today. We highlight to the public programs and treatment procedures proven to assist at-risk teens thus insuring they get the best possible chance to lead productive meaningful lives.

transport companies,handicap transportation,treatment centers,hospitals,children,teenagers,Guiding Hands specializes in adolescent transports, interventions, holdings and locating, Guiding Hands was founded in 1992, making us one of the oldest adolescent transport companies in the industry.
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