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Guiding Hands
"A company that really cares about the children and families they help." } Radio Station KTSA Texas

"We don't treat the kids with disrespect. Our goal at the end of working with them is to be given a hug and we usually get it." } Guiding Hands, U.S. News and World Report

"Guiding Hands is the only tranport company any of our doctors will refer." } Pam, Social Worker

"After using your company just one time I emptied my Rolodex of all the other transport services and threw them in the trash." } T.R. California Schools

The Family Chain

We could no longer just stand silent
And watch you go astray
We had to do what was best for you
By sending you away

For now our family chain lays weak
For one of our links is broken
Guilt consumes us for not doing more
And for words that remained unspoken

So we asked them to come that morning
And call out your name
Our eyes filled with painful tears
And our hearts felt the same

We shared your feelings of helplessness
As they led you out the door
Our arms ached to hold you close
Our many tears fell upon the floor

It broke our hearts to let you go
But you did not go alone
For part of us went with you
The day you left our home

We carry many fond memories
Let our love be your guide
Though without you our hearts are empty
You are always at our side

Although the journey may be painful
Because we are apart
We will forever be connected
In each others hearts

We did this because we love you
Someday we hope you'll understand
That no matter where your life may lead
We will always be your GUIDING HAND

Our Family Chain is broken
And nothing seems the same
But when at last you come home to us
Our family chain will link again

Kipp Beatty
"Revised From Family Chain"
To Whom It May Concern

I am a parent who has had the privilege of working with Guiding Hands. My name is Mary Maddock. I met Kipp in 1999 when my daughter, Sarah, ran from an inpatient psychiatric center in San Diego. Kipp was called to help find Sarah and take her back to the center. I remember feeling so grateful to have an organization to call for help at that time, especially having no experience with this type of situation. Guiding Hands found Sarah (and her roommate) and escorted both of them back successfully to the center.

Then, in the summer of 2006, our paths crossed again. I contacted Guiding Hands and spoke with Kipp; my daughter had been missing for a year. It was a miracle that I came across Guiding Hands phone number--but even more of a miracle that Kipp remembered Sarah, my daughter, and her case 7 years ago.

I described to Kipp the series of events of the past 7 years -- her life, issues, problems with the law, addiction and marriage to a two time felon. Kipp was there, able to give me hope, and reassure me that he would help me locate Sarah and would not quit until Sarah was found.

My search for Sarah was very emotional to say the least. Kipp was realistic, reasonable, and full of compassion, hope, and strength. He was my sounding board when I needed a reality check and he was my reasoning when I felt confused. Guiding Hands walked me through FBI searches, police contacts and nationwide searches for my daughter. Guiding Hands was my Guardian Angel.

The journey to find Sarah was just as important to me as finally making contact with her. Parents need expertise, passion and heart when a child is in trouble. It is very lonely when your child is missing or is in trouble, Guiding Hands is the bridge.

I have not met a finer person than Kipp Beatty. His steadfastness to the cause is beyond human comprehension. The story is not over with my daughter Sarah but I know where to go for help. Thank you Guiding Hands. - Mary Maddock
Dear Parents and Families

I have known the Guiding Hands company for many years. Over the years I have grown very fond of them because of who they are as people. I can recall so many stories associated with them and their kindness, concern, compassion and generosity that would serve as incredible testimonies as to who they are and how they function as a company. Many of these stories are completely unknown and go unnoticed except to those who experienced them first hand. Knowing Guiding Hands I know they don’t work in a manner to be recognized or honored but simply because they believe it is the right thing to do.

For example, there was a young girl who had been severely abused physically and mentally for several years. Because of the amount and various types of treatment she needed, she spent a large amount of her life inside various treatment centers and hospitals. After completing one particular program, she was scheduled to be transferred to another program several states away. When Guiding Hands was contracted to handle her transport, they called her parents to introduce themselves and explain their transport process. It was during that conversation that Guiding Hands learned that the young girl was a huge nature and wildlife enthusiast although, due to her inpatient care, she experienced very little of it.

With her parent’s permission Guiding Hands cancelled her flight and instead drove her to her new program knowing that the road trip would take them near Yellowstone National Park. They spent the majority of the day in the park where the young girl got to see buffalo, elk and a pack of wolves up close and in their natural environment. The new program relayed to Guiding Hands that her trip with them was all she talked about for the first two weeks after her arrival.

What could have been a simple 2 hour flight turned into an additional 16 hour memory of a lifetime. Guiding Hands told me they did this because they did not know how long she would be an inpatient at her new program and that she might not get another opportunity to experience it. They added that they also hoped it would get her in a positive mood to be able to deal with the next step in her treatment process. (It is important to note that Guiding Hands did not charge her parents anything extra for doing this for their daughter.)

It is these kinds of stories that they are constantly doing for the families and adolescents they work with each year that makes them unlike any other transport company. I could not recommend them enough.. - Leanna K.

Contact Us
Phone (800) 591-4263
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Guiding Hands
"There is Guiding Hands and then there is everyone else" } M.S., E.D.

"I tell all my clients that if they need to use a transport company they need to use Guiding Hands if they are available. If Guiding Hands is not available they need to wait until they are. It's that important." } Sean H. Clincal Psychologist

"Without a doubt I truly believe your involvement in our daughter's situation literally saved her life." } Mary B. California

Guiding Hands Since 1992
For when professionalism and compassion in the transport
of your loved one really matters.

Adolescent transports. Prior to needing one you probably didn’t know such services even existed. What is a transport company and how do they work?

Choosing to use a transport company can be one of the hardest decisions you may ever have to make as a parent. At Guiding Hands we believe that just because it is a hard decision to make doesn’t mean it has to be a difficult experience.

Is it necessary? Is it the right thing to do? How will I know which is the right one to hire? Does it matter? How will they treat my child? You have probably asked yourself these questions over and over. And you should. After all, you are asking complete strangers to remove your child from your home against their will and take them to a program or hospital.

Dear Guiding Hands,

Just a few weeks ago we had no idea services like yours even existed. With very short notice we had to make the extremely stressful decision of how to safely transport our 15 year old son from Connecticut to Utah. The reason behind having to transfer him to the program in the first place was opposition and defiant behavior, so we feared he would be even less cooperative when faced with the surprise alternative of the wilderness program.

Of all the stressful aspects of the events, we were perhaps most frightened of the actual physical relocation of him. I think our expectations of the escorts would be of almost “security guards” that specialize with children. The two-man team led by Kipp was far from that and so very much more. Despite our son being frightened, Kipp provided guidance, comfort and explanation and managed to keep our son calm, under control and perhaps even enter the program with a better understanding of why he is in it, what he needs to do to succeed and the opportunity he has to change his life. We never expected someone could have so big an impact in so short a period of time and in particular under such stressful circumstances. At the same time, Kipp kept in continual contact with us as parents to include a lengthy follow up conversation. He went above and beyond to keep us informed and provide comfort.

Your company is clearly a very special group of individuals. We hope that you can somewhat appreciate how valuable and unique a role you play during some of the most stressful times in people’s lives. We are grateful beyond any words and certainly would recommend and endorse your services to any other parents in need of them.

Very truly yours,

Jim and Sharon

Guiding Hands believes that we need to make the parents feel comfortable with who we are. We need to provide them with the opportunity to get to know us in a manner that no longer classifies us as strangers to them. They need to know and feel that their decision to place their child’s well being in our hands is the right one.

After talking to several transport companies we decided to hire Guiding Hands to transport our son from the hospital in California to the program in Utah. Kipp and Mark were the transport agents. We live about ten or so miles from the hospital and they took the time to drive to our house that night so we could meet them in person. We did not ask them to and they did not charge us to do so.

They spent about an hour with my wife and I, answered all of our questions and just gave us the opportunity to get comfortable with them. Our visit was great. After they left to go get our son and transport him my wife said she could not remember the last time she had laughed so hard and for so long. She even said her side hurt from laughing so much.

Early the next morning we got a call from Kipp saying that our son wanted to talk to us. It surprised us because our son had not spoken to us the entire nine days he was in the hospital. He told us that he loved us and was sorry for the way he treated us and what he had put us through. He even said he understood why we were sending him away. My wife asked him why he was now speaking to us because she thought he would be angrier at us for sending him away. He told us that Kipp and Mark had been talking to him and he realized some things during their conversations. Needless to say we cried because he had finally said what we wanted to hear but thought we never would.

There are no words to describe Kipp and Mark, their expertise and performance. These guys are true hero’s and we will always be grateful to them for what they did.

With Deepest Gratitude,

Stan and Elizabeth

If you are simply looking for someone to transport your teen from one point to another than you have come to the wrong place. If you want someone who will put your child in an enclosed cage in the back of their car then we cannot help you. If you want someone who uses restraints as a means to control your teen throughout the transport than please do not call us. That is not what we do, that is not who we are and that is not how we are going to treat your teen. However, if you are looking for a company that will provide a safe and secure transport, with the care, compassion, kindness and understanding that your child deserves, than welcome to Guiding Hands.

Professionals ranging from law enforcement, corrections, education consultants, programs, treatment centers, specialty schools, doctors, psychologists and therapists agree that Guiding Hands is a unique company. We are unlike any other transport company in the world. Although the goal is to transport your teen to a program, it is HOW we do it that separates us from everyone else. When you visit our qualifications page, you will instantly know why Guiding Hands is the most trusted name in the industry.

Dear Guiding Hands,

I couldn’t be more thrilled with the way my daughter’s transport went. I didn’t put much thought into transport companies being very different from each other. I was wrong when it came to your company. I wanted to share with you a little something that you may not be aware of.

The first time I had my daughter transported I used one of the more well known companies. The second time she needed to be admitted I used a different transport company. The third time I needed to have her placed the new program kept insisting that I use Guiding Hands. When I talked to my daughter after the transport, all she kept talking about was how “awesome” the transport was and how much she liked Hilary. She had never mentioned anything about the other transport companies before. She even asked me if you could bring her home when she finished her stay !!! Now I know why the program was so insistent that I use your company. I hope I don’t have to place her again but if I do I know who to call. I wish I had known about you sooner !!! ~ Donna P.

I had talked with other transport companies prior to talking with Guiding Hands. Kipp pointed out things about the transport that the other companies didn’t even mention. It was clear he knew what he was talking about and everything he said made perfect sense. After my conversation with him I felt like the other companies were wanting to transport my son in a manner that was easiest and more convenient for them and not what was best or safest for my child. The fact that they failed to even mention these issues made me feel that they lacked the professionalism of Guiding Hands. Needless to say I hired Guiding Hands and could not be more happy with the results. ~ Susan F.

This is a very delicate time in your teen’s life. They are vulnerable, scared, angry, defiant, abusive, withdrawn, in denial, hurt and filled with animosity. This is not a time to intimidate them, scare them or mistreat them. They are looking for understanding, sympathy and compassion. They are crying out for help even if they don‘t realize it. They are trusting that you will always do what is best for them whether they ask you to or not. You don’t want to lose or betray that trust.

You have invested the time, emotion and finances to ensure that the program you selected for your teen is absolutely the best one for them. Their overall well being is your top priority. But when do you want their best interests and well being to begin? When they arrive at the program or when they leave your home?

The transport sets the stage for what lies ahead. If your teen views the transport as a negative experience, then they are going to assume that their destination will be just as much of a negative experience. That is only human nature to feel that way.

But if the transport turns out to be a positive experience, then the teen may feel that their destination may not be as negative as they initially perceived it to be. They may feel that if you took this much time, care and consideration when selecting the smaller steps in their treatment process, then your bigger decisions, such as where you are sending them, received the same if not more consideration.

The transport will be the first and possibly biggest chance you will get to create a building block of trust between you and your teen as their treatment begins. They need to know that as they begin this journey, whether they agree with your decisions or not, they at least take comfort in knowing that you are trying to do what is best for them. Through this comfort trust will begin to develop and resistance and doubt will subside.

Guiding Hands has several objectives when transporting a teen. We want to ensure that the teen arrives at their destination safely physically and mentally. And we go through great lengths to achieve this. Truthfully, anyone can transport your teen. It is how they do it that differs. And that difference will set the stage on how your teen will either embrace or reject the program before they even arrive there.

We believe that a transport should not be made up of just transporting the teen. Our objective is to take the teen from a frame of mind of not wanting to go, and blaming their parents and others for making them go, to accepting their current position, taking responsibility for it and preparing to embrace the program or at least give it a real chance.

I wish we could have all of the teens that come here be transported by Guiding Hands. It would be so much easier on us initially. They have a unique ability to calm the teens, establish a trusting rapport with them and get them into an open frame of mind to give our program a chance. ~ Sharon, Program Admission.

We want them to understand that they are not being punished. They are not being abandoned or pushed away. This is being done out of love. We try to get them to understand that this is one of the hardest decisions parents may make but they are willing to put their teens well being above their own pain. We emphasis to the teen that parents who take these steps, make these decisions and invest so much emotionally and financially don’t do it for any other reason then out of love for their teen.

Can a transport company really make that much of a difference in such a short amount of time? Guiding Hands does.

When the hospital staff told me that I was going to be transported from the hospital to a program by a transport company I decided I was going to try to fight them and run away once I got outside of the hospital. The only reason why I didn’t is because when Kipp came into my room he sat down on the chair and talked to me. He was the first person who talked to me and treated me like a human being since I had been there. He really made me feel that he cared about me and the situation I was in. And he made me laugh a lot. He told me he knew the hospital food was bad and took me to Taco Bell which is where he let me pick to go. He talked with me for the whole transport and helped me see where I was messing up in my life but he did it without making me feel bad or stupid. Even though I didn’t want to go I took his advice and did my best when I got to the program and did better than I thought I would. ~ ~ Eric, Transported Teen

Dear Kipp

I want to thank you for transporting Samantha to Southern California. Your constant communication with me and reassurance that she was doing fine was so comforting. You and Hilary did such a fantastic job. You guys are unbelievable and I am so glad a company like yours exists. I was shocked to see Samantha approach you and Hilary and hug you good bye when you dropped her off. She doesn’t even hug me or her father! I mentioned that to the intake person and she told me that she never sees teens hug their escorts but when it comes to Guiding Hands it happens all the time. I pray Samantha does well where she is and I know because of you she is off to a good start. ~ Connie L. Hayward, Ca.

The day we decided to send my daughter away we thought it would be best if we had her psychologist she had been seeing for two years tell her at her appointment that day. For over 20 minutes we listened to her yelling, screaming and crying through the office door. I kept looking at Kipp who was shaking his head in dismay. Finally, he went to the door and asked our psychologist to leave the office. He then went in with Hilary and shut the door. I could not hear what was being said but I was stunned when I heard my daughter laughing within 2-3 minutes. She then came out of the office and got into the car on her own. Literally, within minutes of them driving away my cell phone rang. It was Kipp. He had called me without my daughter’s knowledge and let me listen to their conversation. I heard my daughter talking and laughing like she was on a field trip.

My daughter’s psychologist told me that she was really embarrassed that as a professional she could not control my daughter and yet the transporters did it with ease. Kipp, maybe you should consider changing occupations. ~ L.H. San Diego, Ca.

With clients ranging from Fortune 500 CEO’s, celebrities, professional athletes, families, juvenile centers, school districts, programs, treatment centers, hospitals and specialty schools, Guiding Hands has established a reputation as the most compassionate, sincere and trusted name that families in need of transportation services depend on. Although other companies make similar claims, Guiding Hands lets our qualifications, experience and the testimonials of our clients confirm this position. We encourage you to visit our testimonial page right now and read what other families and professionals who found themselves in your position have said about us.

“The very first time I ever used Guiding Hands I literally emptied my rolodex of the other 14 transport companies and threw their cards away. I have never used any other transport company since.” ~ T.R. California Schools

“Guiding Hands is the ONLY transport company any of our doctors will refer.” ~ Jodie S. Social Worker

“There is Guiding Hands and then there is everybody else” ~ Margie W.

“I tell all my clients that if they need to use a transport company they need to use Guiding Hands if they are available. If Guiding Hands is not available, they need to wait until they are. It’s that important.” ~ Dr. Sean H. Clinical Psychologist

One of our goals at Guiding Hands is to live up to our name. We believe in guiding families through a very difficult time in their lives by lessening the stress already placed on them and guide them through what could otherwise be a lengthy and confusing process.

It is unfortunate that any family has to go through this kind of ordeal. Guiding Hands does this everyday. We know how to simplify the process, ease your stress and give you an outcome you prayed for but originally thought would be next to impossible. We have done it for thousands of families and we will do it for you too.

With Guiding Hands you are not getting a transport company, you are gaining the peace of mind that your teen is being cared for, their overall well being is a top priority and you made the best choice for them.

Take a few minutes and enjoy our website. As you browse through it, many of your questions will be answered and additional important information will be passed on to you. Then give us a call and find out for yourself why Guiding Hands is right for you and your teen.

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